Optimize Direct Mail Results for Your Insurance Company

While it is easy to delete an email, the same cannot be said for direct mail letters. It can help in making more money for you. This is perhaps the reason why direct mail is the cause for millions of dollars ringing in the coffers of businesses. The truth is that businesses are indeed generating a lot of money from direct mail, and that should be inspiring. You can make a lot of money from that.

If there is any business tip that will benefit you more than anything else around, it is this. You need to sell more things to more and more people often so as to make a profit from every transaction. Everything else is the details that help you decide the ways and means, methods and strategies. What is important here is to sell to more and more and earn profits out of your transactions. The ultimate way of going about it is through nothing but direct mail marketing. It gives you complete control of each aspect of the process.

Learn as You Mail

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There is definitely a learning curve, in case you are new here. However, for that you should be willing to learn as well as practice. Try making it exciting and fun, to start with. Even if you feel discouraged in the beginning, keep focused on the end results. You can make an incredible amount of money as you are learning and even more once you have mastered direct mail. There is just on other better way to master the process for more profit each time than direct mail. Once you are aware of doing it the right way, you can stay light years ahead of the competition.

When you invest in direct mail marketing and the responses don’t come in, once the letters have been mailed, you need to rest assured that the mail pieces will be delivered by the US Postal Service. He system is able to track down each piece of mail from the moment it is dropped by the sender up to the time it comes to the hands of the mail carrier and finally to the intended destination. If you work with the direct mail provider that understands the systems and makes them work for you, you can prepare for the times the phones will actually start ringing. Once prepared, you can optimize profits.

Method in Madness

The USPS works in a streamlined way. The business mail enters the Bulk Mail Entry Units or BMEUs. It is then sent to one amongst the 26 Bulk Mail Centers (BMCs) or directly to one of the 450 Sectional Center Facilities or SCFs. This deals with mail for which the first 3 digits of the zip code match. From SCF, the mail is sent to one among the 115000 Destination Delivery Units (DDUs) or local post offices.

You can pay more money to have your direct mail travel in class. Your mail can travel on planes, trains and vehicles like standard class emails, although first class handling means that your mail will receive dealing on a priority basis. For the USPS, standard mail should be processed within a specific timeline and this will prevent it from being stranded with an inconsistent layover.

Inbuilt Accountability

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The USPS offers 3602 postal receipt when mail is dropped by a sender at the BMEU. The stamped receipt that is provided in paper or electronic form shows the total pieces that were admitted into the facility as a part of your mailing, the date in which they had been accepted and the precise postage amount. The 3602 receipt is offered to your direct mail provider without a cost and it needs to be passed along to you without any additional charges.

A number of providers of direct mail even create tracking reports which carry important details so that you can optimize the return on investment in your direct mail campaign. Every piece of the mail which is handled by the USPS is dealt with an intelligent barcode that needs to be scanned at each step of the process of delivery, right from the initial drop through the DDU. The information can be accessed by the providers of direct mail for locating their direct mailing pieces in the system and even for predicting the time in which they are due to arrive at their given destination.

Be Empowered with Knowledge

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The tracking and receipt reports help in 2 major ways – it allows you to confirm that your direct mail provider mailed and printed the appropriate number of pieces, and it helps plan your mail drop so that delivery can occur at a convenient period for you. With the help of first class mail, you can increase control on when your marketing piece of direct mail will be delivered. Standard mail is 10 cents cheaper, although it might at times be delayed by several days. You need to select the latter option only if there is the chance to take calls from customers each day when the mail is delivered.

An experienced and well informed provider of direct mail will find the clear trends in the speed of mail delivery on the basis of the day the mail is entered at the BMEU. They can time your mailing drop so that it arrives on the days your office is open and you are able to plan for adequate staffing to deal with the extra calls. Experienced providers have sufficient data from the mail tracking reports on the basis of the USPS daily postal scans to find out the different delivery times in different states. This can help in scheduling added morning phone center staff earlier in the week and evening workers later on. With valuable tracking details and experienced professionals, you can avoid dropped calls and enhance sales.

Roundup of Benefits

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  • Time the mailing for maximum results
  • Consult with your staff at the call center according to the expected delivery date
  • Offer stamped postal receipt for verifying order completion
  • Track the mailing delivery rate to meet your prospects’ needs and measure success

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