Envelope Printing – Attractive & Affordable for Your Business


Envelopes are the first thing that you have to contact with your potential customer which can be easily done through direct mail for advertising the business. Among different styles and sizes of the envelopes, selecting the right one for your business is very crucial.

So, choosing the right envelope will help you to represent your business much easily and your message can be distributed among people in order to avoid trash mail. You can grab the attention of your customers so that they look at your envelope. In order to determine what kind of envelope you require for your business, you have to decide what message you want to convey.

If you want to send an invitation for opening a store, or for an event which is taking place on your store, then you can use announcement envelope. If you want to send catalogs, brochures or the annual reports, you can use booklet envelopes. Also if you want to send folders, magazines or reports, then you can use catalog envelopes.

The commercial envelopes are the ones which are used for the business and are made the standard #10 envelope. Another variation is the window version that has a single or the double window which will allow the addresses to peek through and the receiver can see inside the mail.

This is the best envelope to use if you want to send a direct mail to your prospective customers. It displays the message of professionalism that is what the customers think about your business. You have to create such envelopes that it must act like a driving force whenever any customers sees it and they opens it immediately.

Since, envelope is the first interaction with the customer; your envelopes must be printed with the business slogan, name of your company, contact numbers and the return address. You can maximize the use of the envelope by giving it a professional and decent look.

You can also user colored envelopes in order to add more zest to your business. So, in case of envelope printing, you have to select a company that will understand what you exact6ly want to express and will help you in spreading your message across.

You can send the sample of the product via mail so that the receiver can test the product. You can also include the discount coupons with your mail in order to attract the customers who will avail for your products and services.

If your budget allows, then you can also select the large envelopes. Though these envelopes are very expensive, the large sized envelopes will help your mail distinctive from others. If you have decided to use the large envelope, then you can include this sales material as many as you can. You can maximize the use of envelopes that you want to use.

The use of the designs or drawings or the dots or any other embellishments can add more spirit to your envelope and will definitely use the attention that you want.

You can design the envelope according to your budget. You must leave a blank space in order to avoid untidiness in your envelope. Make sure that your envelope looks professional and is meant for business.

Envelopes Used for Fundraising Letters

Do you plan to host a fundraiser? Do you require sponsorships for your sports organization? The custom printed envelopes are great to deliver the sponsorship and donation letters. If you want to mail letters to the other companies, individuals or organizations, or if you plan to deliver them, then creating a customized and unique envelope will hold the first impression of the receiver. On an average, everyone receives six to eight pieces of mail on a daily basis. Thus, it’s very important that your letter does not get grouped in the junk mails and then it’s thrown away.

There are different important pieces of information that needs to be included in the custom envelopes while using for fundraising letters, which are:

  • The logo of your company
  • Company’s address
  • Contact information
  • Contact persons for donations

If you want to add more in your envelope than these, then there are various options. If the fundraiser is for certain event, like the basketball shootout, then you have to include the logo of the event along with the logo of your company. If there are partners in your fundraiser, then you can also include their logo and names of the company on the back of the envelope or at the bottom.

It’s better not to limit your design just in the toper at the left corner. The custom printed envelopes can be printed wherever you want. If you want to catch the eye of the recipient5, then you have to design your envelope in order to have a large print across the sides. You can also use colors in order to break the monotony of the black and white envelopes.

You have to take the advantage of the extra space on the back of the envelope. Include the slogan of the envelope at the back or if you want to include the slogan of the company, then you have to consider print ion the flap of the envelope. If there is space available, you must intrigue the recipient if you get a chance. You can use the slogan that the recipient can relate him or her to the emotional connection with the sponsor.

There are huge options for the possibilities of the custom printed envelopes. It’s better not to fade your mail with the ordinary envelopes. The donation letters are very important to raise funds for various events. The first impression of your envelope can make a difference. For the fundraising campaign, you can try envelope printing from the online printing company in order to impress your existing customers.

So, you can see that the custom envelopes arte something that you must seriously give thought to. Whether a report, a proposal or a letterhead or any other official document, you will need an envelope. Envelopes make the first impression about your company to a recipient. These envelopes will convey people how professional you are and what are your creative marketing strategies in order to make your business successful.



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