Promotional Banner Stands – Uses & Benefits



When it comes to advertising and marketing,banner stand is the best investment thata business can make.The branding value will exceed the cost if you use it wisely. Never make the mistake by using the banner stand for a single purpose and then throw it in the storage room.


Ways to Use Banner Stands

The purpose of the banner stand is to attract the attention of the customers. First, you have to set an emotionand motivate people to desired action. You have to reinforce your brand. You have to build an identity and can increase revenue. The more time the banner stand performs in multiple venues, the best will be the investment value.


Mercury Retractable Banner Stand


The banner stands are associated with the trade shows. Let your banner stand perform in various places, like business lobbies, showrooms, exhibitionhalls, sporting events, concerts, fundraisers, shopping mallswherever you can find your desired audience. You can also use graphic image to attract people. Promote any holiday sale. Introduce the new product. The banner stands cost nearly $ 50 bucks to $ 300.


Make Decision on Cost-Effective Stands


The present market is flooded with the foreign made banner stands. Always you must ask the resellers where the banner stands were made and then you must compare price versus value. But, all the foreign made banner stands are not that cheap. Some brands could be very well.


While you are choosing a reliable banner stand, there are certain important factors that you must consider. Affordability, attractive appearance, durability, versatility are the key priorities of banner stands. Confidence in the product performance must be the main focus. Not always the cheapest price.


Different Sizes, Models and Heights


The product cost is the key factor that can affect price. The banner stands are available in variouswidths and heights. The popular widths are 24”, 36”, and 48”. Some banner stands can extend the height till 118” while the others can reach till 72”. These banner stands are available in two basic styles, retractable banner stands and non-retractable banner stands. The retractable banner stands are most convenient for the graphic banners.


You just have to attach the banners to center of the bar and have to pull it up to the desired height. The banners are stored in the cassette. The non-retractable banner stands operate in the same way as the retractable ones. They are telescopic to accommodate banners from 36” to 118”.These banners can be attached to the bars. You will come across various banner stand options. These include single-side and double-sided option so that one can view from both sides. Whether single or double-sided, it’s available in the same economy price.




The banner stands last long. If these stands are built from durable aluminum, it will ensure convenient portability. Banner scan be installed quickly. After usage, de-install them, pack them on the carry bags and you can use it to other places. You can also choose silver satin or matte black banner stands.


Graphic banners can capture attention very fast. In most cases, the graphic banners are sold separately. The best performing banner must be imaged with brilliant colors. The edges of the banner must not curl and thus, will give a high-quality and clean look. these banners are scratch resistant. If you have a tight budget, then the vinyl banners will deliver good quality images. But, the edges of these banners curl at longer heights. The vinyl banners can be used outdoors.


Business Success is the First Priority


You need to make high quality products in order to give your customers the best value at the best ever price possible. You’ll never get any cheap foreign-made hardware. So, it’s best to take the high quality custom post cards print with long-life performance. But, trade show banner stands are cost-effective. You can add visual to your display and can deliver your marketing message effectively. In the exhibition hall, the large format banner stand and the attractive graphics will help to differentiate yourself from your competitors.


The exhibitors use the banner stands in order to attract attention to the displays and enhance the impact of the marketing messages. These highly portable and lightweight banners use minimum space and can be used easily for retail store marketing, business meetings, shopping malls, special events,conference room and stage presentation displays. These banners are available in various sizes and formats. The exhibition banner stands will enhance the brand awareness and the visibility and will highlight the contact details of your company. The banner graphics include the logos and the photography can be imprinted on vinyl or fabric material.


The fabric banners are durable and long-lasting as they don’t tear during transport or any set-up. Unlike vinyl banners, fabric banners don’t have shiny surface or can reflect light. Thus, it’s easy to read in various types of lighting environments. The fabric colors can fade in the long run. Additionally, they are not as easy to clean like the vinyl banners. Images on the vinyl banners are vivid and sharper than those which are printed on fabric. Thus, they are more striking than the imprinted fabric banners.Of course, if you handle properly, the vinyl and the fabric banners can last for a number of years. In addition to your choice of materials, the trade show banner stands are available in various types and configurations.


X-banner Stands

As implied in the name, the banner is attached in an X-shaped stand. This stand has three legs and keeps the banner intactin place on all the four sides.


L-banner Stands

These stands are of L-shaped frame in order to hold and support the banner. The L serves as the support on the floor. The banner is clipped in place at the top and the bottom of the stand.


Pole Tension stands

These banners are available with telescopic pole that can adjust to various heights. You can take these banners to various places and can use it for different purposes, adding to the flexibility of these pole stands.