Promote Your Furniture Store with Hang Tags



If you are looking forward to promoting your business you can easily try the hang tags. These are easy to use marketing tools that can spread the word about your business and let your message spread. Furniture stores can benefit from the hang tags. Various items call for different kinds of hang tags because they allow businesses to promote their products and services better.

You can build the custom hang tags by selecting custom printing services online. These are specialized services that allow you to get the hang tags that you are looking for. They have various types of design software as well as tools which suit the needs of your products.

Printing Envelope
Printing Envelope


There are many benefits that are provided with custom tag printing. They not only offer you a total package, but also come with a lot of variations on the basis of stock and size. If you produce these hang tags that are personalized according to the requirements of your business, you can strengthen the value of your product by adding an element of attractiveness which is provided by the tag. For this reason, if you want to produce various kinds of customized hang tags for your various featured products, you can do that as it is an important aspect of branding, better customer service and sales generation.


Things to Take Care Of


You are required to take care of a few aspects while choosing custom hang tag printing for your furniture business. These are as follows:


  • Size Options for Products Change: Large items need larger hang tags and smaller ones need small hang tags. However, if you are to produce a hang tag that is absolutely unique, you may choose a small hang tag for a bigger product. There is no hard and fast rule for this, though. For instance, if you want to opt for a glossy black 2″x6″ tag, it will look smart and attractive if it is hung on a lampshade of white color. As customers go by, the light of the lampshade will attract the immediate reflection on the hang tags that are placed somewhat below the shade.


  • Die Cut Hang Tags: If you are selling chairs and couches, they have a disadvantage: there are not too many color options to consider. The furniture is generally one or two toned which makes them a little boring to look at. With the online printing of customized hang tags, you get the chance to produce the tags in die cut shades. Such a style in your hang tag can make the price tags on your chair or couch energetic for the customers.


  • Stock Options: A contrasting texture can make your hang tags look more noteworthy to your customers. For instance, choosing a shiny 14 pt. cover high gloss stock for your hang tag printing would be perfect for a flat finishing in kitchen table or an office space. If on the other hand you are using hang tags that are produced in 14 pt. cover with matte finish, it can reflect better on a glossed stove or refrigerator.


  • Color Choices: When it comes to glass doors and tables, a 4 color option of both sides is helpful as they can be seen by customers from various angles. When they are hung flat on the surface of glass, the tags can get double the value of money that had been invested for cheap postcard printing them.


There are a lot of services provided to make your custom hang tags look more appealing. They can better promote your furniture products as you try and sell them. Hang tags are a marketing piece that can be used by almost any company out there, no matter what type of service you are specializing in. They are the best piece of marketing that can get your furniture company to the forefront. They not only help you build your branding prospects, but also allow the ease of advertising to the target demographic.


Make the Most Out of Your Brand


With that much being said, it is easy to see how hang tags can be the best way to make sure that hang tags are in fact the best solution which can help your company to be seen by a lot of marketers. Here are a few tips that you need to keep in mind while designing the hang tags:


  • Copy: You need to make sure that your copy is something that can be seamlessly and easily integrated into most of your other marketing materials. If you have no idea what the copy on your brochure or website will be, try and edit it a little more to match the tone of your other marketing materials.


  • Design: Make sure that the design is relevant to other marketing materials. This means that it needs to reflect your website and products and services easily. If you have a design that can be easily aligned with other marketing materials, you can build brand awareness better which enhances your credibility rate.


  • Layout: Choose a layout which is easy and clean. Even with the largest shape around, your hang tag will be the size of a business card. For this reason, you need to minimize ways of reducing unnecessary design and consider the clean and even lines. The clean patterns will help in growing your brand, while also allowing you to place your logo in the vantage point.


  • Shape: Choose a large shape as it will help you include more designs – and more copy. Make sure that the text is relevant to your industry. If you are in the furniture business, you may opt for the chair shape or cupboard keys.


Once you are done, make sure to get as much feedback as possible. Ask your friends and colleagues about their opinion. This can help in producing not only the best hang tag, but it will also reform your marketing efforts. With this, you can target your key demographics as well as appeal to different groups of customers.