Mailing Solutions

Mailing Solutions: Personalized mail communications are your most potential opportunity to create a veritable impression with your potential customers. Also known as variable data printing, the products and services belonging to this place do not pose serious threats and challenges. Personalized data which backs transactional documents lies behind this concept. Variable data printing acquires a new meaning altogether due to the various technologies that are used in making things work. These include:

  • Good database
  • Data crunching and database analysis
  • Variable data printing tasks
  • Knowledge of mailing
  • Well-formed controls of the campaign results


As opposed to the nominal costs that are involved in creating traditional campaigns, variable data campaigns could cost higher. Old style campaigns are static and generate as much as 1% of the response. Variable data campaigns which include web and print solutions could attain responses up to 30% or more. With this combination of resources, online printing services have been made possible.

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