Print My Own folded Cards

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Print My Own folded Cards

There are advantages and disadvantages to printing your own folded cards. Let’s discuss the advantages first. You can print folded cards a few at a time. You do not have to take the time to find a folded card printing company. Your overhead costs are very low. You are in complete control of the entire process.

You can use MS Word to print your folded cards. All you need to do is download or open one of their templates, input your information, choose a background design, put the proper paper into your printer and print your file. It really is that simple. It is not overwhelming and it is not a complicated task that you need a college education to complete.

If you do not like any of the designs they have, you can simply purchase some colored stock paper, put your information into a blank template and folded card printing is simple and affordable for you.

You will want the following on your card:
Company Name
Your Name
Phone Number
Fax Number
Email and/or Website

Other options you may want to add to your folded card prints are:
Company Logo
Your Photo
Company Motto

If you can not find the program on your computer or you want a fancier design some websites offer free folded cards to print. How they work is they usually have a template you put your information into and then you save it directly onto your computer and print your folded cards off as you need them. Make sure you use a 14pt. Stock paper so your  printed folded cards are durable and look appealing. Using this method, you can print one page worth of your custom folded cards or multiple pages at a time.

Now let’s look at the disadvantages of printing your own folded cards. You will need to have enough printer ink, you will need to purchase the proper stock paper. You will need to find the right program on your computer or the internet. You will add wear and tear to your printer (they are not meant to last forever), and you will of course want to take into consideration the time you will put into designing and printing your folded cards.

This is why many choose to use a folded card printing service. You are not as limited in your final product options. You can choose from die cut folded cards printing, raised print folded card printing, letterpress folded card printing or even plastic folded card printing. You can choose, regular folded card formats, rounded corners, folded folded cards and much more. There are even magnetic folded cards available for you to purchase.

The possibilities are endless and you will find that the folded card printing prices are cost effective and very competitive among folded card printing companies. Whether you use a local printing service or an online folded card printing service you will find cheap folded card printing services all over the place.